It has been just revealed the fact that a judge asked for a response from Genesis in the Terraform case. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Judge asks for a response from Genesis

A district judge in New York has ordered crypto lender Genesis to comply with a subpoena, after the firm reportedly failed to share certain documents in a case related to the collapse of algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD.

In an order from Oct. 13, Judge Jed Rakoff of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York stated that Genesis had five days to respond after failing to produce the documents on Oct. 9.

The order stated, “The Court grants the Defendants’ motion to enforce the Subpoenas and orders the Genesis Entities to produce, within five (5) days of this Order being served on the Genesis Entities, all documents that are responsive to the Subpoenas.”

In January, several entities of Genesis had to file for bankruptcy protection due to financial losses following the collapses of Three Arrows Capital and FTX, two crypto companies.

A court order has been issued in a case related to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon.

The SEC charged Terra and Kwon with defrauding investors by not providing them with full and truthful disclosures about their algorithmic stablecoin, Terra USD, which led to investors suffering significant losses.

Algorithmic stablecoins, such as Terra USD, use algorithms to maintain a stable price, but Terra USD’s crash in May 2022 resulted in a huge loss of value.

Terra USD was linked to Luna, a governance token, to keep the prices stable. Digital Currency Group, which is Genesis’s parent company, has not commented on the matter.

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