It’s been just revealed that Fidelity has filed a registration of securities with the SEC for a spot BTC ETF. Check out the latest reports about this below.

News on spot BTC ETF

Fidelity, a $4.5 trillion asset management company, has officially filed a registration of securities with the SEC for its spot Bitcoin ETF.

This step is part of the process towards potentially getting approval for one of the first Bitcoin ETFs in the US.

The registration of securities is the first step for the SEC to receive information about Fidelity’s proposed Bitcoin ETF.

Fidelity has met with the SEC on multiple occasions to discuss the application and provide insight on how important the ETF will be.

The firm filed its Bitcoin ETF in June and is moving quickly through the application process. Fidelity has also submitted a pending Spot Ethereum ETF application to the SEC in November.

Although many people view Fidelity’s registration of securities and its spot Bitcoin ETF listing as a positive development, some critics have expressed concerns about these investment vehicles.

The next step for Fidelity is for the SEC to review the securities registration, which has already been accepted.

Many experts anticipate that approval for the Spot Bitcoin ETF will come as early as this month, with the latest being the end of Q1 2024.

It is currently unknown how long this next step in the process will take, but the news may encourage other investment or asset firms to submit their securities registrations soon.

Bitcoin predictions for 2024

Crypto analyst Jason Pizzino has updated his prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) and the wider crypto market in 2024.

Pizzino informed his 303,000 subscribers in a recent YouTube session that based on Bitcoin’s four-year cycles, significant gains could be expected this year.

He also mentioned that the upcoming US election year of 2024 has historically coincided with “ballistic” price movements when combined with the Bitcoin halving, which is expected to take place in April.

The analyst referred to 2012, another election and halving year, and pointed out that the crypto markets ultimately went on a parabolic run after the election.

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