It has been just reported that the disgraced Terra founder Do Kwon has been sentenced to four months in jail. Here are the latest on the issue.

Terra founder has been convicted

An announcement from a court in Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital city, stated that Do Kwon, the founder of Terra (LUNA), has been sentenced to four months in prison for attempting to travel with a forged passport.

Kwon was arrested in March after trying to board a flight to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a passport from Costa Rica, which authorities believed was fake.

He has already spent approximately three months in jail, which will be included in his four-month sentence.

Kwon attempted to argue in court that he had acquired the Costa Rican passport via a legitimate agency and traveled all over the world with it, according to the Korean news outlet Segye Ilbo.

The Terra founder stated the following:

“I filled out all the documents and received a Costa Rican passport through an agency in Singapore recommended by a friend. I got my Belgian passport through another agency…”

He continued and said:

When I applied for a Granada passport through the agency, it was rejected, but when I applied for a Costa Rica passport, there was no reason to doubt because the application was accepted.”

The judge quizzed Kwon about the name of the agency, but the Terra founder reportedly replied that he couldn’t recall it.

“It’s in Chinese, but I can’t remember exactly.”

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