Tron was recently in the spotlight when it managed to bag an important partnership.

Tron teamed up with BitGo

Tron has recently seen another strategic move, and BitGo confirmed that it would launch Tron’s very first institutional-grade wallet for TRX that offers on-chain, multi-sig security, and custody as well.

The funds are stored using a multi-sig address, and these can require access by separate individuals, which allows two or more parties to sign documents as a group.

Justin Sun says BitGo’s support will allow the company to delve into various Defi applications.

Justin Sun teases a new upcoming partnership

Justin Sun just teased a new collaboration as the price of TRX rose along with the rest of the cryptos these days, following the recent Bitcoin surge.

He gave no details on the upcoming collab, but he said that the partnership would be announced this week.

It will reportedly be with a “megacorporation” worth $100 billion and that the new alliance will benefit the entire Tron ecosystem.

Sun commented on the fact that China started to support blockchain-based platforms to transform more industries.

“As the leading global blockchain protocol originally developed by the Chinese, TRON is thrilled that President Xi endorsed us to seize the opportunity of blockchain. TRON & BitTorrent will continue partnering with conglomerate giants in China.”

Here’s Sun’s tweet:

People started guessing in the comments.

“@SamsungUS or @Apple? Well whomever it is it will be great news for TRON projects and the community. Let’s get this party started!!”

Not everyone was so excited.

For instance, someone tweeted: “nobody cares — all these “partnerships” are basically some pilot programs that none of these companies even care that much about. These companies do 100+ of these kinds of things per year it just happens ICOs need something to shill.”

Anyway, stay tuned for Sun’s announcement this week.

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