Justin Sun Reveals New Tron And Steemit Partnership – Decentralized Social Networking

Tron was recently in the spotlight after the community celebrated the fact that Blockstream CEO Adam Back said that he did not understand the difference between ETH and Tron. But he claimed that Tron is probably better.

Tron Foundation expands its ecosystem

The Tron Foundation expands its ecosystem with an announcement of a new partnership with Steemit Inc.

This is the largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and blogging platform.

It’s been revealed that Steemit will begin the migration to the Tron network adding to Tron’s base of users and platform that includes strategic partnerships with Samsung, Poloniex, Opera, and DLive.

Strategic acquisitions and partnerships with platforms that deliver large userbases have positioned Tron to expand the products and services that it has to more than 20 million users, says the company’s estimate.

Tron ecosystem

Here are the elements included in the Tron ecosystem, as cited by the online publication the Daily Hodl.

Live streaming – World’s Largest Blockchain-Based Live Streaming Platform Hosting PewDiePie Begins Migration to Tron

Smartphones – Tech Giant Samsung Now Supports Tron (TRX) on Its Blockchain Keystore App

Web browser – Popular Web Browser Goes Full Crypto, Adds Bitcoin (BTC) Payments and Support for Tron (TRX)

File sharing – Tron (TRX) Reveals Secret Crypto Project and Big Plans for BitTorrent

Crypto exchange – Poloniex

“This partnership further empowers TRON’s title as the blockchain industry’s leader in distributed ledger technology with over 800 Dapps now in its ecosystem,” according to the official announcement.


Here’s a response to Sun’s tweet: “market consolidation, same happened in the tech bubble…you want to be invested in the platforms that are acquiring tech/platforms/users. Most other platforms will run out of money trying to build and compete. #TRX #TRON.”

Ned Scott, former CEO, chairman and founder of Steemit, stated the following about the partnership:

“Steemit is the original conception of forums meeting cryptocurrency to achieve mass adoption — where cryptocurrency could be distributed as easily as ‘likes’ and ‘upvotes’ and this high powered distribution mechanism would bring adoption and appreciation to the currency and the social network.”

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