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Lanceria Launches Crypto-Powered Freelance Platform – An Innovative Business Model For Freelance Markets

Especially following the explosion of the pandemic, freelance work has been on the rise all over the world. But this has been leading to various issues for employees because finding skilled professionals became quite a consuming and frustrating task for a lot of companies who were hoping to benefit from this “on-demand-workforce”.

This is where Lanceria enters the building.

It’s also crucial to note the fact that there’s no point in denying the fact that crypto has been going mainstream for a while now, and the mass adoption of cryptos is now happening at a steady and stronger pace.

Lanceria launches its crypto-powered freelance platform

Freelancers will be eventually making up more than half of the US workforce by 2027 according to projections released by Statista.

All of this is due to a new trend that’s boosted by the massive demand for flexibility and independence and also due to the surging unemployment rate during the pandemic.

What’s crucial to note is the fact that most available marketplaces will be dropping a fee of up to 20% of their earnings on freelancers. More than that, buyers are forced to pay overhead, and they don’t have enough hiring decision-support tools in order to choose the best freelancers for specific jobs.

Now, after raising $1 Million in a private token sale, Lanceria, a gig-economy marketplace featuring AI functionality, is launching its crypto powered freelance platform which is set to innovate the business.

The platform will offer freelancers and employers near-instant payment options, minimal commissions and a machine learning-based recommendations system.

It’s also important to note that employers pay reduced fees to “match” with the right professionals and Lanceria also allows workers to be paid quickly and commission-free.

Official notes reveal that the platform will be powered by Lanceria’s native LANC token which is based on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s set for launch in the upcoming weeks and LANC is projected to launch on June 16th on DigiFinex.

Benefits for freelancers and service buyers

For employers, the platform is set to charge from $1 to $5 for fiat transactions and 2% for crypto. Lanceria plans to speed up the payment process for fiat and crypto. Fiat rewards will take up to a week to go through and crypto transactions will be processed instantly. The platform will be using smart contracts.

The machine learning techniques that the platform will be using will boost UX for sellers and buyers as well. It will also offer users an AI-powered tool that will help them calculate taxes according to location. The platform will help match businesses and individuals with the best freelancers according to skills and track record.

More than that, a mentorship program will allow established independent contractors to benefit from delegating gigs to beginners.

There will also be available embeddable profiles for freelancers and employers and an API and a React plugin for Web devs – these will allow third-party websites to embed Lanceria-based marketplaces.

An organizer will support freelancers to keep track of gigs and deadlines as well.

“While more and more people choose freelancing to have more flexibility and freedom, the current platforms eat an unfair share of their revenues and limit their payment options,” according to Mihai Sebastian Sararu, CEO of Lanceria.

He also highlighted that “We’re going to change the power dynamic in the freelancing ecosystem, relieving the financial stress on the gig workers while also equipping their employers with more data-driven tools to optimize their hiring.”

We’re about to witness the complete revamping of the freelance market with massive benefits for freelancers and service buyers as well, so buckle up and stay tuned for more exciting news!

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