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Large Corporations  Could Launch Their Own Cryptos – Corporate Tokens Are Around The Corner

Cryptos’ popularity continues to grow despite the bearish trends that have embraced 2018.

This leads experts to believe that it might be just a matter of time before significant organizations and companies consider launching their very own digital currencies.

There could be lots of benefits surrounding such unique corporate crypto, and these would include increased access to a better product for customers, building colossal band loyalty among others.

There are already a few major companies that have been exploring the crypto space, and there are definitely lots of benefits coming from this.

Advantages of a corporate crypto

Latest reports claim that for instance, Coca-Cola might consider launching its very own crypto. Coke crypto could encourage customers in buying KO products and in exchange they would receive a reward via blockchain.

Other companies including auto manufacturers could use a digital currency to help prove ownership of the authenticity of some parts.

BP and Intel cryptos?

BP plc (BP) is a multinational oil and gas company, and Intel (INTC) is the well-known tech operator.

These two have not necessarily suggested an increased interest in launching their cryptos, but it’s not that hard to imagine why such a project would e more than beneficial for each of them.

For instance, a BP token could be used to increase customer loyalty, and this would allow for lower fuel rates for customers who are paying in tokens.

It would also allow a rewards incentive program as well. Selling a corporate crypto on the market could also bring more cash.

For BP the only potential issue would be the question of an oil-backed token which has already proved itself to be quite tricky.

Regarding Intel, the tech giant could use blockchain in order to improve various aspects of its business model. All Intel-linked digital currency could support INTC machines with verification, and it could also track updates and service histories.

Overall, if cryptos continue to gain popularity, it will probably not be too long before such things could happen and large businesses develop their own corporate tokens.

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