It seems that Scott Melker posted something that will definitely terrify a lot of Ledger users. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Here’s the tweet that the Wolf Of All Streets shared:

Someone commented: “There is this one rule, if you find yourself typing your seed on any website, you’re most probably being scammed. The only place you enter your seed is in a new hardware device. Even there I’d be careful.”

Someone else left the following comment: “I’m a little frustrated by the amount of people making fun of this person. Yes, to us in crypto a CTO of ledger responding is an obvious scam. However, many people coming to our industry would find this very normal. Especially when they are told how small and early they are when they were told to invest. So let’s take a look in the mirror here and ask ourselves. “Why are we allowing our new investors to get scammed?””

The person continued and said: “Come on my fellow crypto community, that I love dearly. It’s OUR job to protect the newcomers and educate those that venture into the space. The lesson here is that we need to get louder and inform our friends and loved ones better about the dangers of investing. So let’s chill a little bit on making fun of people that get scammed, and actually help people that want to get involved.”

Ledger has been involved in a lot of issues and it really looks like this is definitely a trend that will not stop too soon.

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