Litecoin enthusiasts have something to celebrate these days.

Litecoin team and Charlie Lee officially announced that the Litecoin Core 0.18.1 had been officially released.

In an official blog post, that’s has been submitted to the Litecoin project blog, Adrian Gallagher, the lead Developer stated:

“We are pleased to release Litecoin Core 0.18.1. This is a new major version release, including new features, various bugfixes, and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. It is recommended for all users to upgrade to this version.”

The news was also revealed on Twitter, and you can check out the tweet below:

According to the blog post mentioned above, among the changes are “refinements to block and transaction handling, the network code and P2P protocol, GUI, wallet and build system along with the typical plethora of new RPC’s and depreciation of many others.”

It’s also worth noting the fact that more than 100 changes have made their way into this major release.

A full list of changes in greater detail can be analyzed in Gallagher’s Blog post.

Also, we recommend that you check out Litecoin’s original announcement.

The feedback received on Twitter was really positive.

Litecoin in the news

Litecoin was in the news again not too long ago when Charlie Lee analyzed cryptos’ use cases apart from store of value.

He said that he is seeing other use cases for cryptos apart from speculation and store of value. He’s highlighting the fact that payment settlements and confidential transactions are on top of the list.

He also had some things to say about the DeFi movement:

In terms of pricing, LTC is currently trading in the reed and the coin is priced at $42.33.

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