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Looking for Some New Games? Try Out These Bitcoin Titles

You know there are millions of titles out there. Still, if you’re used to a specific genre then you might run out of games to play. That’s when you leave your comfort zone and start searching for other games similar to the ones you’ve played.

Luckily the gaming industry makes new ones every year. The developers mix things up and come up with new titles. The industry follows the trends and adapts accordingly which is why it has millions of fans all over the world.

Bitcoin is one of the current trends in the financial world. As such some gaming companies already accept it as a viable payment method. Moreover, some game studios draw inspiration from blockchain technology which is how the first crypto games game to be. They’re pretty good titles and if you’re looking for something new to play, here are a few suggestions:

Bitcoin Flip

The name pretty much gives out that the game centers on Bitcoin. However, you don’t know what kind of game it is. Well, Bitcoin Flip is a trading simulator game. It uses real Bitcoin asset prices to teach you the ropes of Bitcoin trading. Naturally, there are other players present and they will play the competition you’ll face when you’re trading for real.

In other words, Bitcoin Flip will teach you how to make important decisions when trading. Things such as buying and selling assets, as well as making market analyses will come naturally to you once you’ve played Bitcoin Flip. You’ll get virtual currency to trade with. On your way to becoming a skilled trader, you’ll make lots of mistakes but don’t worry about them as they’re part of your journey. Soon enough you’ll be on the right path to testing your earned skills.

What’s important when trading Bitcoin is having the upper-hand. If you don’t think that you’ve got what it takes to make important decisions, then the trading bot can help you out. Lots of platforms offer this kind of service and one of them is the Yuan Pay Group website. With a speedy registration and a small deposit, you can begin trading. But not before you go over the tutorials. That way you’ll learn all about the bot’s settings. Once you do you can give it a try with a live session. Additionally, you can adjust the settings whenever you want to.

Merge Cats

This is a simple yet entertaining Bitcoin game. What makes it interesting is its simplicity. It features various cats that you need to match. The game looks good and plays smooth which means it won’t let you down. However, there is another interesting aspect to the game.

Merge Cats comes with daily challenges. In fact, most mobile games come with these challenges but they all offer different rewards. When it comes to Merge Cats, the game offers rewards in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is complete the daily challenges and take your reward.

Spells of Genesis

Unlike the previous entry, this is a trading card game. Similar to most, yet different than them, Spells of Genesis offers a variety of cards for your deck. You can collect them by defeating other players or by making in-app purchases. Since the game is based on blockchain technology then you get to keep what you’ve won.

Additionally, you can use Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies to buy better cards. The goal is to create a strong deck and keep your skills at a high level. When it comes to graphics the game doesn’t disappoint and will keep you entertained for hours.


These are only some of the titles you’ll get to play. It’s evident that the gaming industry is moving towards accepting trends. VR is the next thing in gaming but the wider acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is another trend. Thanks to blockchain there’s already a crypto gaming market that offers several simulators, trading card games as well as matching games, and other titles. In other words, the news type of gamer will go for crypto titles. As the popularity of Bitcoin rises, so will its mass adoption which means gamers can expect interesting titles in the future.

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