Whoever likes free money can get it via the distribution of free tokens via airdrops. More kinds of airdrops are worth learning about, and these can vary in tokens distribution amount. It can become quite challenging to assess which are the airdrops worthy of your attention, and that’s why we’re discussing the best thee to check out this month.


Humancoin is a blockchain startup that aims to bring philanthropy, cryptos and retail e-commerce together on the upcoming platform. Humancoin leverages benefits of blockchain technology, and it also rewards programs in e-commerce by creating decentralized loyalty programs. These are charity based, and they are expected to develop a strong emotional resonance and trigger enhanced customer loyalty.

The Humancoin token can be transformed in miles, points, coupons, and bonuses and it can also be used to vote for projects and rank them as well.

The token sale is scheduled to end in November, but you can already become eligible for the first tokens via the airdrop program. The second phase started on June 20, and the participants get 2,000 tokens ($20).

Colu Local Network

The Colu Local Network (CLU) is a decentralized payment network. The Network links with the Colu payment app and the global solution aims to bring people and businesses together based on the consumption of products offered by local businesses.

Colu’s primary target is to create a new alternative financial ecosystem without a central authority. Users of the Colu platform can issue their own cryptos, and Colu plans to make it possible to pay for things with your community currency via your smartphone.

CLN launched an airdrop and also an ambassador program in which they offer 200 CLN tokens to the first 2,000 ambassadors who complete the first challenge. Hurry up because the airdrop ends on June 25.

NEO Same Service

The Neo Same Service (NNS) decentralized name service for members of the NEO network announced an airdrop on June 6.

Via NNS, all member can claim a .neo domain and use it as an alias for their public key. In order to pay for these domains, users can use GAS, and they can participate in the bidding process for the domain names. NNS’ native token is NNC, and this will not be used for bidding, but for weight in domain name auctions and for voting.

On June 27, everyone will get to see the very first snapshot of NEO, and for every NEO, holders will receive an equivalent of 0.1 NNS tokens. The total amount that will be airdropped will be 1% of the token supply – $1 billion.

These are the three most exciting airdrops that you can participate in this month.


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