Mark Cuban Addresses The Future Of Corporations

Mark Cuban is addressing the future of corporations and you should check out the post that he dropped on his Twitter account about this. Here it is.

Cuban also said: “There are so many features and processes in any given company that can be more efficient and productive using a decentralized, trustless approach. As companies are built on this approach we will see some incredibly disruptive businesses built.”

Someone responded with: “Everyone wins: client, smartgym, insurance company, and society. The client is healthier, extends their healthspan, and is less of a burden on public health system while the insurance co collects more premiums and sells more policies from these smartgym points of distribution”

Someone else brought up Cardano: “Cardano has already built this into their blockchain by default. They call it governance as opposed to a DAO, but they perform the same. Check out #Cardano and their native token #ADA to get a jumpstart on the future.”

Cardano addresses sustainability in the blockchain

Cardano Foundation addresses an important issue these days, Check out the post that they shared on social media below.

Cardano is a project that has been making lots of headlines these days and the momentum seems to last some more. Stay tuned for more news.

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