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Mark Cuban Reveals That He’s An Early Ethereum Investor

Billionaire Mark Cuban revealed some of the large-cap cryptos in his portfolio. According to the latest reports coming from the online publication the Daily Hodl, in a new interview with Real Vision, Cuban said he’s owned ETH for at least half a decade.

“I had a bunch of Ethereum from when it first came out, or about a year after it came out, and then I bought some more a few months ago. I forget how many – six, seven months ago, whatever,” he said as cited by the Daily Hodl.

He also said that he would increase his Ethereum stake if the price pulls back dramatically.

“If Ethereum goes back under $1,000, then I’ll buy more.”

Cuban revealed that he also owns Litecoin (LTC), along with the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols Aave and SushiSwap.

More than that, Cuban owns the native token of digital collectables marketplace Rarible after selling artwork on the platform earlier in the year.

“I bought Litecoin, LTC. And then recently, because I wanted to understand DeFi more, I bought a bunch of Aave, and I staked a bunch of it. And I also bought some SushiSwap (SUSHI). And since I did stuff on Rarible, now I have RARI tokens, and I’ll see what happens with that,” he said.

The Shark Tank investor additionally says that he will increase his Bitcoin holding if the price crashes.

“… if Bitcoin craters, then I would buy more.”

Main triggers for BTC and ETH bulls

In a new video, the host of Altcoin Daily explains the fact that Visa’s recent move to start settling transactions over the Ethereum blockchain will trigger ETH’s rise.

“ETH the token does act as gas for the network. So the more activity, the more people on the network will have to be buying and HODLing ETH token the gas. Fundamental news like this should tell you something – ETH will not stay below $2,000 forever.”

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