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Massive Crypto Market Opportunities Arise In 2023 For Traders

2023 will turn out to be a really important year for the economic sector and not only. Check out the massive opportunities that could arise this year for crypto traders below.

New crypto opportunities for traders

A popular analyst says investors will have opportunities in the crypto markets this year to realize massive gains in the future.

In a new Youtube strategy session, crypto strategist Benjamin Cowen said that the crypto markets would likely dip in value. This will happen before recovery can take shape.

He uses a logarithmic regression chart of crypto’s market cap. This way, he is trying to show historical upper and lower bounds.

He explained the fact that the crypto market as a whole will likely either capitulate in a quick fashion or trend sideways in the coming months.

“I do think we will eventually get to that lower green trendline. Do we go down into it? Honestly, that’s what I would prefer, because I think it provides more opportunities. Of course, there’s always a chance we go sideways until we hit it. We’ve done that before.”

He continued and said the following:

“If you look at 2015, it’s a good example of coming out of a year-long bear market and rather than going down into the trendline, we just went sideways until we hit it. Kind of the same thing in 2018. We got down here. We actually poked our head back above the fair value line, but we more or less just went sideways until we hit it and then the bull market began.”

He also explained this:

“I don’t really think a sustained bull market is going to occur until we hit this lower green trend line again. Either we go down to it in short order or we go sideways long enough for it to slowly catch up.”

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