MetaMask​ Now Requires Some User Groups to Pay Fees

​MetaMask​ revealed that it had made some upgrades to its products’ use license. The firm announced in a press release published on its blog that the brand new updates will not have any effect on all end-users, the majority of application developers, and non-profits and will be free of charge for those groups.

The company explained that it would keep publishing and iterating upon the wallet provider API in the public area, making sure a widely cross-compatible ecosystem of applications is available. It also added that it would remain focused on publishing all code in a public repository.

What About Using MetaMask for Commercial Purposes?

As per ​MetaMask​, developers who copy, change, or fork the ​MetaMask​ codebase for commercial use, are required to sign a formal commercial agreement with the firm. 

“For example, if you’ve copied MetaMask and offer it commercially to an audience larger than 10,000 monthly active users, we would like to enter into a formal commercial agreement,” the company said.

​MetaMask​ substantiated this move, saying that in order to keep offering high-quality products in the future, it needs to get fair compensation that would enable them to continue and develop.

We should mention that ​MetaMask​ released the eighth update for its Ethereum wallet back in July, which brought a number of new features, including enhanced privacy control and a new account-login system.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a company that provides an essential utility for blockchain novices, crypto gamers, and developers. With more than a million downloads, the platform is available as a browser extension and as a mobile app.

​MetaMask​ offers users a key vault, secure login, and token wallet, which is basically everything you need in order to manage your digital assets. It also provides users with the simplest but most secure manner to connect to blockchain-based applications. Overall, according to the description of the platform, ‘you are always in control when interacting on the new decentralized web.​’

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