Mexico’s Third Wealthiest Man Explains Why Fiat Currencies Are A Fraud; He Wants To Hold Bitcoin For The Next 30 Years

More and more people are seeing a hedge against inflation in Bitcoin. Others say that this is pure digital gold.

Now, Anthony Pompliano revealed that Mexico’s third wealthiest man explains the reasons for which he believes all fiat currencies are a fraud.

Check out the post that he shared on Twitter.

Someone commented: “It matters naught whether he or anyone likes fiat or not. The G7 + China run the show. It is in their strategic vital interest to maintain control over money supply. There will be no competing private currency. To believe otherwise is wishful thinking. Dura lex sed lex.”

Another follower posted this: ‘China baned BTC several times, but it is still one of the biggest markets. It is peer to peer. You can’t control the whole population if they decide to use it. They can do it even through radio, even without internet using open dime…”

Bitcoin whales accumulate Ethereum

In other recent news, it’s been revealed that the Bitcoin whales have been accumulating ETH and they are now holding record levels of the coin according to Santiment.

Santiment said that Bitcoin whales who hold “between 100 and 10,000 BTC” started accumulating amid the price crash.

“… the whale trend is continuing to be accumulating. Over the past couple of days it hasn’t been, but since the start of the crash they’ve been moving up. They could afford to be early and that seems what they are doing,” Santiment says.

“Bitcoin’s fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) remains high, as traders are polarized on whether prices can push back below $30k again,” according to the notes.

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