Michael Saylor Addresses How Bitcoin Helps Companies’ Balance Sheets

During a recent interview, Michael Saylor addressed how Bitcoin can help companies’ balance sheets. Check out his post on social media below.

The article also notes that “Cash and credit are crumbling. They’ve always been crumbling. But now they’re crumbling at a faster rate. In good times they’re crumbling at 7% a year and in bad times they’re crumbling at 10 or 15 or 20% a year.”

The notes continue and reveal that “In horrific times, if you’re in Venezuela, Argentina, or Lebanon, they’re crumbling at 60-80% a year. That’s hyperinflation.”

As expected, the same notes present Bitcoin as the best solution to the financial problems that the world is confronted with.

The truth is that BTC has been growing in popularity, especially during 2020 and 2021, when the world was in the middle of an enormous crisis.

Someone commented: “Your speeches strengthen my faith in bitcoin more and more. Thank you!” and another follower said: “BTC was never intended to linked to exchangeds linked to fiat and fractional banking. Doing so creates a single point of failure. Nakamato planned a kill switch with his wallet of 1M coins, should actors overtake the blockchain or BTC create systemic risk.”

Saylor compares Bitcoin and gold

Saylor just posted a comparison between Bitcoin and gold, and you can check it out below.

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