Michael Saylor Addresses The Idea Of Gold As Money

Michael Saylor is addressing the idea of gold as money. Check out the post that he shared on his Twitter account here.

Peter Schiff hopped in the comments and said the following: “Well #gold has stood up as money for thousands of years. #Bitcoin has yet to stand up as money for even one year. Bitcoin is merely a digital token used for speculative trading. Also, gold doesn’t need salesmen, unlike Bitcoin that needs constant pumping!”

One person said: “Michael, you should know by now that EVERYTHING in the human financial systems is MYTH. Everything is stories that we tell each other about this and that. It’s all stories. You are selling the Bitcoin story right now. Gold is no more of a myth than Bitcoin. Yet, I own both.”

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green and the king coin is priced at $57,257.

Bitcoin vs. Amazon

Earlier today, we revealed that the hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci is comparing Bitcoin (BTC) to e-commerce giant Amazon.

As you probably know, Amazon has been volatile in its early days but eventually became one of the best-performing stocks.

In a new interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, he said that Bitcoin has grown exponentially in terms of fundamentals during 2021 and that the recent correction gives investors a chance to buy at a discount.

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