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Michael Saylor Drops Mind-Blowing Bitcoin Prediction: BTC To Hit $5 Million

There have been all kinds of optimistic predictions about Bitcoin these days, but MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor seems to have the most mind-blowing one.

The CEO said that Bitcoin could hit $5 million sometime in the future. Check out what he said in an interview with FamilyOffice.

“I can see bitcoin going to a million. I can see it going to $5 million… because if it simply replaces all the indexes as monetary index money, why shouldn’t it go to $100 trillion in market cap or something?” he said.

Saylor’s MicroStrategy now owns 91,326 Bitcoin. He also pointed out that BTC is currently a “screaming signal” to investors, and this is boosted by a rapid expansion in the money supply globally and the dominance of its blockchain network.

Bitcoin has a “screaming signal”

“In my life, I’ve never seen something that was such a screaming signal. You’ve got a $200 to $300 trillion addressable market. You’ve got a problem – money is not sound. You’ve got engineered thermodynamically sound money. You’ve got a dominant network. Everybody’s decided it’s the network. It’s exploding,” he stated.

He also said that “The signal that is exploding is it’s growing 200% a year every year for 12 years running. That’s the signal.”

He stated that Bitcoin is the best bet these days.

“Now do I think Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Google are going to go up by a factor of 10 from this point? Not really. I think they’re plus 20, minus 20, plus 100… maybe they will double, maybe they will triple.”

Check out the video above in order to learn more details.

Just the other day, we were reporting that Saylor had something interesting to say about the king coin. Check out the post that he shared on his IG account.

Stay tuned for more juicy news.

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