Michael Saylor Responds To Elon Musk: “Bitcoin Is Hope”

Elon Musk dropped a tweet on social media saying that those people who are attacking space are not realizing that they attack something that means hope for others.

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor hopped in the comments and said that Bitcoin is hope.

Musk has been blasted by a lot of people these days after tweeted about Bitcoin once again and causing the price to go downwards.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the king coin is priced at $33,198.54.

MicroStrategy and Michael Saylor have been boosting Bitcoin a lot for quite a while now.

He’s been accumulating BTC via his company regardless of the huge volatility in the crypto space.

Saylor addresses the Blue Dollar

Check out the latest tweet that he shared on social media.

Someone said: ‘You see, goverments in the world banning BTC and crypto is #1 risk in the short and middle term, they are very powerful. A strategy to educate them should be a priority, otherwise they become agressivly deffensive.’

Bitcoin miners are fleeing China

Check out one of Saylor’s recent tweets below.

Saylor is quoting Reuters press agency which reveals that “Large bitcoin miners fleeing China to escape a state crackdown will take many months to start operating again.”

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