It looks like MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor continues to praise Bitcoin. Check out the latest reports about this and see the video featuring Saylor speaking during Tucker Carlson’s show.

Michael Saylor on Bitcoin

Check out the clip featuring the video below:

Here is the post that Saylor himself shared:

Someone commented: “Absolutely! #Bitcoin’s scarcity and decentralized nature makes it a valuable store of value, just like physical gold,” and another follower said: “”Indeed, #Bitcoin has emerged as a prominent contender for the title of ‘Digital Gold’. Its limited supply, decentralized nature, and increasing adoption certainly make for a compelling case. While further scrutiny and long-term analysis are warranted, the potential for a new store of value in the digital realm is undeniable. #Cryptocurrency””

A follower posted this interesting point of view: “Hey, Mr Saylor! Bitcoin isn’t just ‘digital gold’. Digital gold refers to things like gold ETFs or gold mining stocks. Bitcoin transcends that label. We should refrain from calling it ‘digital gold’. In reality, gold is more like an analog and outdated counterpart to Bitcoin.”

AI cannot crack Bitcoin

Elon Musk was recently invited to Tucker Carlson’s chatroom, and he had to say some really interesting things about Bitcoin.

There have been a lot of optimistic predicitons about the price of Bitcoin these days and a lot of them have been triggered by the news involving the potential acceptance of BTC ETF.

Crypto trader Kevin Svenson seems to have a really strong bullish sentiment on Bitcoin (BTC), and he recently told his subscribers on YouTube via a video that after BTC is able to convert a key resistance level into support, the king coin could appreciate by 130% from the current price.

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