MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor talks about the huge benefits of Bitcoin once more. Here’s a video in which he addresses the king coin.

Michael Saylor talks about Bitcoin’s advantages

Everyone starts to realize that Bitcoin is the digital transformation of capital, says the CEO of MicroStrategy. Here’s the latest tweet that he shared:

The truth is that it becomes more and more obvious the fact that we’re in the middle of institutional adoption. It’s important to note that Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust alone is now holding more than $20 billion in assets.

We can only imagine that being backed by the finite supply of 21 million coins – there’s nothing more bullish than this.

Someone commented on Saylor’s post, saying that “Absolutely, the digital revolution is captivating. Excited to hear your discussion with @MorganLBrennan. #Bitcoin is gaining recognition for good reason!”

Another follower hopped in the comments and said: “Michael’s conviction is truly admirable; his thesis is quite hard to argue with, so might as well follow the trend and mark Bitcoin as a top asset. Also might be worth following protocols developing tech over Bitcoin’s stack; one of the most promising protocols I’ve seen around is @babylon_chain; their focus on using Bitcoin to boost PoS network’s security is mind-blowing. Insane upside potential there.”

Bitcoin will become the base unit of trade

A strategist from the global investment company Franklin Templeton has stated that they foresee a future where every national treasury holds Bitcoin (BTC) and that BTC will eventually become the base unit of trade.

Sandy Kaul, who is the head of Franklin Templeton’s digital asset and industry advisory services, stated in a recent interview on crypto influencer Natalie Brunell’s YouTube channel that several nation-states have already begun adopting the top cryptocurrency by market cap.

Kaul also believes that Bitcoin (BTC) will be more efficient than central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) for national treasuries.

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