MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Bought $2.5 Billion In Bitcoin

Happy New Year! 2021 begins with Bitcoin resisting above $29k. At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green, and the coin is priced at 29,300.89.

Bitcoin has also been seeing increased interest and mass adoption back in 2020 and now, after launching an unprecedented BTC buying spree, MicroStrategy founder and CEO Michael Saylor reveals how much BTC he has.

IN a new interview with the Funky Crypto Podcast, Saylor said that he bought tens of thousands of BTC via various organizations that he’s affiliated with.

“I have bought either through MicroStrategy or through entities I control, 88,000 Bitcoin. I never sold one Satoshi,” he said.

Saylor’s BTC stash is worth more than $2.5 billion

Saylor’s Bitcoin stash is worth over $2.5 billion.

In the interview, Saylor said that he’s pro long-term holding strategy.

“I think the way you use Bitcoin is as a long-term savings account. So, if you want to have a portion of your money that you like to gamble with and speculate with and bet on things you are passionate about, take that part of your money and invest it in new ventures or invest it in cool things,” he said.

He continued and said: “Take another portion of your money that you want to save for the next 20 years or 30 years and put that in Bitcoin. Just leave it there, and don’t get caught up in all the back and forth…”

He also said: “The volatility of Bitcoin is decreasing since March and the volatility of everything else is increasing… Bitcoin is moving from its first 10 years to its next 10 years. And it’s a much more mature asset.”

Check out more about what he had to say in the original article posted by the Daily Hodl. 

There are all kinds of optimistic predictions about the price of BTC these days, and analysts expect to see it hitting $30k.

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