MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Is Addicted To Bitcoin, Anthony Pompliano Says

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor has been a massive supporter of Bitcoin for a long time now. His company has been buying the digital asset, and Saylor says that he’ll probably never stop purchasing it.

Anthony Pompliano has a few words about Saylor, and you can check out his post below.

Someone commented: “Turning MicroStrategy stock into a proxy for Bitcoin just reflects the current day reality that micro strategy’s core business isn’t innovating or keeping up with competitors. Becoming a very public Bitcoin maximalist doesn’t change that.”

Another follower posted this: “Realization created the necessary addiction. The most important addiction of our day to acquire is #Bitcoin. Reversed hand with middle finger extendedcigarettes, opioids, alcohol, sugar, fast food, fiat currency, cocaine, meth, Heroin, benzos, sedatives, inhalants, stimulants, self loathing. I vote #Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin is more secure than Visa, Saylor says

Not too long ago, we were revealing that Saylor was boosting Bitcoin again, comparing it to Visa. Check out his tweet below.

The official article notes the following: the lightning network is driving the current burst of mainstream adoption in bitcoin.

They continue and explain how it’s speeding up transaction times and cutting fees.

The same article posted by Business Insider notes that since early 2018, “the lightning network – a layer on top of the bitcoin network,” has been speeding up transactions and bringing forward the day when anyone can make a payment in BTC easily and cheaply.

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