Monero News: Multisig Support Added To JavaScript RPC, Java RPC And JNI, And C++ Libraries

Monero was in the news a lot this year, due to various achievements and the increased interest that’s been shown in the digital asset.

Riccardo Spagni addressed the high importance of the project’s privacy features which are probably the main reasons for which the interest in Monero has been increasing so much lately among crypto enthusiasts.

The price of XMR also enjoyed a great trajectory lately, despite the volatility of the crypto market.

At the moment of writing this article, XMR is placed on the tenth position on CMC and the coin is trading in the red just like most digital assets today.

The privacy-oriented coin is priced at $76.42.

Monero evolved these days following the latest move.

Monero new developments

Monero developers announced that “Multisig support added to JavaScript RPC, Java RPC and JNI, and C++ libraries”

They wrote on Reddit:

“This could be useful to integrate Monero wallets with multisig support on platforms like Bisq or Android. The messaging to exchange multisig information among participants is currently outside of the scope of these libraries, but rbrunner’s mms could be useful for that.”

Developers continue and explain: “All libraries conform to the same interfaces outlined in this spec, which has been updated with multisig, method parameter types, and corrected ulongs vs uints per feedback.”

They also say, “If anyone wants to help out, there are opportunities across all libraries, which are documented in their respective issues.”

You should check out the complete post on Reddit in order to find out more on the issues.

Monero upcoming event

In other news, a new interesting report regarding Monero is out.

AltcoinBuzz released a report involving the project which addresses the most important issues related to it: updates, releases, partnerships, price factors, past, and upcoming events, and more.

After defining Monero, the online publication also lists the upcoming event:

Monero presence (booth and speakers) at World Crypto Con – The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV (October 29-31, 2019)

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