Money Supply Explodes: Crypto, DeFi And Stablecoin Become A Necessity

The US is in the middle of a money-printing spree that doesn’t seem to come to an end too soon. It’s been reported that Brian Brooks is addressing the benefits of crypto, stablecoins and DeFi amidst all this.

He posted a farewell thread on Twitter just a day before he left the office and he called all these three elements that we mentioned above the future of finance.

Check out a few of his own words below.

He also said the following:

Banks and access to payment rails

He also addressed the fact that only banks and not fintechs or someone else has access to payment rails. He made sure to say that Europe managed to figure things out and the US should be doing the same.

Brooks explained that he is extremely optimistic that the big risk-taking and dynamic country will continue to lead and succeed, but he also said that the US would not do thins by protecting powerful incumbents.

“Success will come from disruptive ideas that are scary today but expected and even necessary tomorrow,” he explained,

He said that crypto is something necessary as the money supply continues to head to the moon these days.

DeFi is scary today but necessary tomorrow, according to his views. He said the very same thing about stablecoins if we want the dollar to continue and remain a competitive global medium of exchange.

Make sure to check out the complete thread that he posted in order to learn more details about what he had to say.

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