It has been revealed that there’s been a mysterious financial scam that just took place. Check out the latest reports about the matter below.

Citibank involved in financial scam

Citibank, a banking giant, is being sued by a resident of Skokie, Illinois on behalf of his disabled sister. Scott Jacobson claims that his mother left $150,000 in a Citibank trust account to pay for his sister’s expenses who has been fighting Alzheimer’s disease for years.

According to NBC Chicago, caring for his sister was manageable until October 14th, 2021, when he discovered that $120,000 had been stolen from the account by thieves.

“I was shaking because I was more concerned about my sister than I was about anything else.”

Jacobson claims that he was informed by a Citibank teller that three unauthorized international wire transfers were made from his account in Bangkok, Thailand.

In an attempt to recover the funds, he filed three fraud affidavits with the bank, hoping for a resolution.

However, a representative from the bank advised him to seek assistance from the US justice system instead. Jacobson was disappointed to learn that he would have to hire attorneys to handle the matter himself, despite having a personal banker.

Additionally, he alleges that he did not receive any notifications regarding the wire transfers.

Citibank claims that they did not receive Jacobson’s approval before approving the wire transfers. However, they assert that they notified him of the transfers via email and text and are compliant with all regulations related to wire transfers.

On the other hand, Jacobson filed fraud affidavits on October 14th, 2021, but Citibank argues that he initiated legal action after the 60-day record-keeping deadline had already passed.

Jacobson’s attorney first demanded repayment of the three wire amounts from Citibank on August 29, 2022.

Citibank claims that, at that time, the third-party vendor had already deleted the emails and text messages sent to Jacobson.

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