Nano Moves Higher DAG technology Despite its Wallet Related Issues

The crypto market was hit by a bearish run from the beginning of 2018 and Nano managed to be one of the best performing cryptos. The marketing strategy and the rebranding from Railblocks positioned the crypto in the top 50 with the largest market capitalization in the whole ecosystem.

Nano uses DAG technology instead of the blockchain

Nano has a different approach to the crypto issues, and it uses the DAG technology, an innovative concept. Each one of its accounts has its very own blockchain that utilizes an architecture called block-lattice. This enables instant transactions and almost zero commissions.

Unfortunately, the team stopped working on the development and updates involving the technology.

No official wallet yet

Colin LeMahieu, lead developer of Nano, was asked why they don’t have an official wallet and his answer triggered a few doubts that managed to intrigue the community.

One of the main obstacles that seem to be holding Nano in place is law-oriented. The lack of a wallet created discomfort for some users, and they feel that the company’s policies affect the crypto’s adoption on more platforms.

Nano moves ahead

Despite such difficulties, Nano still managed to move ahead. They are currently focusing on various goals to obtain the best results. For instance, a recent announcement is the release of a Node Update to version 13.0. On Nano’s official blog, the announcement says that the changes focus on increased efficiency, higher security, and better management.

There’s also another technological announcement that involves the release of a second Block Canary that can improve the way that this chain handles transaction even more.

There’s still no official release date for a wallet, but for the moment users seem to have gotten used to beta wallets so this is not such a major drawback, at least not for the moment.

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