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New Bitcoin ATH And Dogecoin Strength Is Revealed

There’s a popular crypto analyst who believes that Bitcoin will see a new ATH soon. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New BTC ATH is around the corner

The pseudonymous analyst Kaleo said that a lot of crypto traders get “lost in the noise of $1,000 candles” and fail to see the bigger picture for BTC, altcoins, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“This is the roadmap I shared in July of 2022:

Base range between $16,000 – $30,000 breaking above HTF (high time frame) diagonal resistance around December (happened in early Jan)

Rapid, overhyped growth in early 2023 capping out in 50s ($50,000s) (still in progress, also I lean closer to high 40s [$40,000s]).”

He continued and said the following:

“No true alt season until Spring of 2024 (strong NFT rally comes w/ it)

No new BTC ATH (all-time high) until late 2024 / early 2025

Are you patient enough to watch the rest play out?”

Kaleo says he thinks $40,000 will be a magnet for BTC.

“From there, I’ll switch more neutral/risk off through the end of 2023/early 2024. From there, foot on gas for alts and NFTs.”

He also thinks that Dogecoin (DOGE) is showing strength against Bitcoin.

“Impressive strength from Dogecoin today.

Only a matter of time before we see DOGE / BTC ratio squeeze above resistance.”

Crypto markets to boom in 2023

A popular crypto analyst has just revealed the fundamental reasons why a decentralized finance (DeFI) altcoin is one of his highest conviction plays for the next bull rally.

The pseudonymous analyst known as Credible Crypto said recently that he has his radar locked on Convex Finance (CVX).

Convex Finance is a DeFi platform that has been created to let users of stablecoin exchange Curve Finance to boost their rewards.

Convex Finance gives liquidity providers on Curve various incentives and allows users to stake CVX, its native token.

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