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New Bitcoin Correction Is Unfolding – It’s Time To Buy The Dip

The other day, Bitcoin was trading above $60k, and at the moment of writing this article, BTC is undergoing a correction, as it usually does on Mondays.

Now, the king coin is trading in the red, and it’s priced at $55,673.79.

While weak hands are probably selling again, most investors will probably buy the dip this time as well.

Bitcoin FOMO

Bitcoin and crypto FOMO seems to take over the world, according to Anthony Pompliano. He says that every central bank will eventually convert its assets into Bitcoin.

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and crypto has been one of the main goals in the crypto space. There have been a lot of moves made in this direction, and they will definitely continue.

Pomp posted the following message on Twitter:

A follower said: “I’ll tell you what I don’t get about the debate in central banks holding bitcoin. We are printing obscene amounts of fiat, and what does it matter if CB’s print an extra 100 billion of fiat to buy bitcoin, even if bitcoin failed? Seems like a proposal with no downside.”

Bitcoin’s price has been boosted a lot lately by important names such as Elon Musk or MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor.

Another important issue worth bringing up is that notes that there’s a French parliament member who has signed a petition to amend the laws to enable the central bank of France to buy and hold Bitcoin and more digital assets. Check out more details in this previous article. 

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