It has been revealed that a really relevant analyst who has been able to predict the 2022 crypto bottom is now revealing his new position for Bitcoin. Check out the latest reports about new BTC price targets below.

New BTC price predictions are out

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $29,936.

A well-known crypto analyst, who accurately predicted the crypto bottom in November 2022, has announced that he has entered the market again with a new long position on Bitcoin (BTC).

The analyst, who goes by the pseudonym DonAlt, shared with his 509,700 followers on the social media platform X that he recently entered a long position on Bitcoin at around $27,000.

DonAlt also mentioned that his bullish thesis will be rendered invalid if the BTC price drops to around $24,000.

According to the latest reports coming from his fellow trader Credible Crypto it looks like he is also bullish on Bitcoin.

The analyst said the following:

“Keeping it as simple as it can get:

The same way $26,800 was the origin of our last impulse, $28,600 is now the origin of the current one. Above that, we are going A LOT higher, FAST.

Drop below $28,600 and the local uptrend will be violated and we may get a bit of a pullback, but until then, STRAP IN!”

There have been all kinds of prediciotns about the price of Bitcoin and most of them are really optimistic these days ahead of the BTC ETF approval which is expected to come sooner rather than later.

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