VeChain has been gaining a lot in popularity due to the various use cases that the project has so far, and the successful trend seems to be continuing these days as well.

The release of MyCare using VeChain

It’s been just reported that the assurance company DNV GLwhihc is based in Oslo revealed the release of MyCare – this is an infection and risk management solution that makes use of the blockchain store evidence of companies’ effective policies in the COVID-19 era.

The company has more than 15k employees all over the world and it serves over 110k customers.

According to the latest news reported by the online publication Ledger Insights, “the platform uses the ToolChainTM BaaS Platform developed by VeChain, whose blockchain infrastructure DNV GL has been using since early 2018 and in which it invested. It previously used this platform to develop the supply chain assurance solution MyStory last year.”

Tackling the difficulties of workplace safety

It’s been also revealed that this innovative solution is trying to tackle the issues regarding safety at the workplace amidst the coronavirus pandemic which triggered a global crisis.

It’s essential to note the fact that the health and safety offering is analyzing the need to integrate new risk management policies into the existing processes. More than that, the plan is also to ensure company-wide implementation and assure customers of the safety of the practices.

The same online publication mentioned above notes the fact that via MyCare, “DNV GL undertakes a number of assessments of a firm, looking at the readiness and maturity of its risk management processes.”

Then, they provide services that will create customer programs based on the MyCare methodology, and that will be tailored for customers’ needs.

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