Cardano has been making a lot of headlines lately especially as the much-awaited Shelley upgrade was getting closer.

The hardfork completed successfully and the whole community celebrated. This is a new step into decentralization for the project.

The Cardano Foundation also revealed recently that even if the Shelley upgrade has been successful, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Cardano also released an exciting Shelley FAQ.

Cardano revamps the official website

Cardano also revealed that the website has been revamped and the final version is up and running.

The feedback that the team received was great as usual, with the community congratulating them.

Setting you up for Shelley

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson could not be any prouder these days, following so many achievements.

He recently posted a guide about setting up for Shelley:

“In this introductory video, Carlos from IOHK takes you through the first steps to get set up for delegating your ADA via your new Shelley Daedalus wallet. Here, he covers the important first steps; downloading Daedalus, restoring your Byron wallet, creating a new Shelley wallet, and transferring your funds to the new wallet,” the notes begin.

The team said that they would have more videos soon “to take you through more steps in the delegation process, from choosing a pool to understanding performance.”

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