Nicholas Merten Drops New Ethereum Price Prediction

Nicholas Merten Drops New Ethereum Price Prediction

Nicholas Merten addressed the current price of Ethereum. Check out the new predictions about the coin below.

Nicholas Merten drops new ETH prediction

It’s been revealed that the popular crypto analyst Nicholas Merten says Ethereum (ETH) has a solid shot at rallies in the coming months as the top smart contract platform approaches its highly anticipated transition to proof of stake.

In a new video update, the host of DataDash talked about a recent prediction from BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes forecasting an ETH rally to $5,000 on the back of a successful transition to proof-of-stake.

More than that, he talks about a reversal on monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve.

Merten said a 180-degree turn from the Fed anytime soon is likely overly optimistic, but a slow down in interest rate hikes is on the table.

It’s also important to note that Ethereum has seen big bear market rallies in the past, Merten says that $5,000 ETH still seems like a long shot.

“All the while I do expect the Fed will pivot, and even though I expect that there’s very good chance that in September, Ethereum will finally actually deliver, and I see that reflect in price action, I think people are getting degree in confidence now.”

He continued and said:

“Considering those things, I don’t see us going all the way up to $5,000. Not only would this just be absolutely foreign to what we had in previous bear markets, but on top of that as well, I just want to go ahead and put things in context.”

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