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Only Bitcoin Can Solve Monetary Problems Worldwide

It’s been revealed that the macro strategist Lyn Aldyn gives ger followers a BTC crash course. At the moment, the crypto market is making a lot of efforts to recover from the previous losses.

Bitcoin is trying to recover following the price crash, and at the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the green, and the king coin is priced at $21,164.

The blockchain has massive potential to shape the future

Macro strategist Lyn Alden addresses the blockchain’s potential to shape the future.

She recently addressed her argument for why she believes only BTC can solve global monetary problems. She begins by detailing how Bitcoin founder Satoshi created something unique and innovative.

“Satoshi combined a number of existing technologies (the internet, Merkle trees, proof-of-work, SHA-256), added some tech of his own, and made something innovative. A breakthrough in accounting and money. What followed in his wake was mostly scams. But his innovation is real.”

Alden also addressed the concept of digital scarcity as an inevitable result of BTC’s creation, pointing out that the invention of digital money was surprisingly well-intentioned.

“Satoshi never promised investment returns. He presented his idea like an academic thesis, and built it. When its use-case became popular, he was concerned, and was worried it was too early. Very conservative, very cautious. In it for the humanitarianism, not the money.”

Alden also said that any asset that can still thrive after eight or more crashes, such as Bitcoin, is unique and worth studying.

“Everything has risks. But at least study Bitcoin. Learn from it. It’s worth 100+ hours…”

She continued and said this:

“No Fed bailouts, no wash rule, no protector is there. Only true market pricing. Yet Bitcoin is still here.”

Stay tuned for more news, and also make sure to keep an eye on the market.

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