Peter Brand Reveals Bullish Future For Bitcoin

Peter Brand Reveals Bullish Future For Bitcoin

Here’s the latest prediciton about the price of Bitcoin as it is revealed by the legendary Peter Brandt. Check out the latest reports below.

Peter Brandt reveals future of Bitcoin price

Veteran trader Peter Brandt is predicting a bullish scenario for Bitcoin (BTC). It seems that this could boost the price of the king crypto to a fresh all-time high in two years.

Brandt said recently that while it is within the realm of possibility for Bitcoin to launch a new bull market this year, in reality, nobody knows what will really happen.

“Any idiot can make wild guesses about markets, so here is my dunce-hat prediction. In reality, nobody has a clue what any given market will do.”

As the online publication the Daily Hodl notes, looking at the trader’s chart, he appears to be outlining a possible inverse head and shoulders pattern for Bitcoin that could push BTC above $30,000 by Q2 of this year.

“An inverse head and shoulders formation is one of the patterns that traders look for as it indicates the potential end of a downtrend,” according to the online publication mentioned above.

Brandt also shares a chart that shows Bitcoin’s possible long-term price action. According to this chart that you can check out in the original article, Btcoin could start a new bull market after “breaking out of the inverse head and shoulders pattern en route to $70,000 first before correcting back to $33,000 and then rallying to around $175,000 in 2025.”

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $21,183.

Latest BTC surge

A popular crypto strategist is unveiling a bullish outlook for Bitcoin now that BTC is trading above $20,000.

Pseudonymous analyst Cheds said recently that a big rally might be in the cards for Bitcoin, with BTC poised to print a bullish reversal structure.

“Above $18,200 opens up the possibility of an inverse head and shoulders complex, multiple shoulders (or wide left) and head with neck-base at $25,500.”




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