PNC Bank Plans A Crypto Offering With Coinbase

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets has been one of the most important goals of the crypto industry.

More steps have been already taken in this direction, and things continue to go great these days all over the world.

It’s been just reported that according to a relevant source, PNC, which is the fifth-largest bank in the US, is planning to offer crypto investment services to its clients.

According to the latest reports, Coinbase said the other day that it’s working with PNC Bank on a previously undisclosed crypto project.

“In recent months, we have formed partnerships with industry leaders including Elon Musk, PNC Bank, SpaceX, Tesla, Third Point LLC, and WisdomTree Investments,” Tuesday’s shareholder letter read.

Coinbase did not elaborate more on the subject.

The same online publication mentioned above noted that a source had previously told CoinDesk that the PNC Bank is expected to unveil a crypto jawn in the coming quarters.

They also made sure to point out the fact that PNC is the latest mainstream megabank to check out digital assets. More than that, it’s important to note the fact that it is probably largest to do so with Coinbase, the industry’s biggest name.

PNC is already getting ready for a more crypto-centric future and months ago began hunting for a hire to lead its innovation push.

Bitcoin latest news

According to the latest reports, BTC whales keep accumulating the king coin, and they are holding on to their assets. Check out what Santiment just revealed:

“Bitcoin millionaire addresses holding between 100 and 10,000 BTC aren’t showing profit-taking signs on this surge we’ve seen over the past couple weeks. These holders hold a combined 9.23M BTC now, which matches their AllTimeHigh held on July 28.”

Stay tuned for more news, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the crypto market.

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