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Polygon (MATIC), Algorand (ALGO) Bullish Predictions Arise

Despite the continuous correction in the crypto market, there are all kinds of bullish predictions ahead. The latest ones come from the popular crypto trader and strategist Scott Melker who is laying his thoughts about Algorand and Polygon.

ALGO latest predictions

Check out his tweet about the future price of ALGO:

Someone said: “$algo is next solana. Don’t make a mistake and think only short term.”

Another follower posted this message: “Realizing capital gains tax is somewhat irrelevant to the ultra wealthy because they never sell their assets and instead just continuously take out loans using their investments as collateral.”

Melker also posted this message about ALGO:

MATIC latest prediction

Melker has a few words to say about MATIC as well. Check out his tweet below.

He also had a few things to say about Bitcoin as well.

Melker revealed that he’d opened a leveraged long on the top crypto asset for the first time in months.

He said that BTC is ready to continue its uptrend after it can break out of its bullish divergence formation, which usually indicates further upside ahead.

“Look, mom. More bullish divergence with RSI (relative strength index) is building. The premise of this trade has not changed, therefore I have not exited and do not intend to. Close call on the stop, was a bit tight.”

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $47,409.19.

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