Powering DeFi Of Real-World Assets: Realio Issues First Hybrid Equity Token

Powering DeFi Of Real-World Assets: Realio Issues First Hybrid Equity Token

The DeFi movement was gaining massive popularity in 2020, and the interest in this emerging ecosystem seems to be booming thins year as well.

Launching Realio Security Token

Now, it’s been just revealed that Realio, which is the tech ecosystem for institutional-grade digital assets unveiled the launch of Realio Security Token (RST) which is providing investors with equity and shared revenue that’s derived from Realio’s real world, tokenized assets.

This STO is offering about 17 million tokens and this will be the very first digital security that’s issued on the platform as a multichain asset (MCA). It will be available on the Algorans, Stellar and Ethereum blockchains.

This token sale is available to accredited investors and also the non-US people.

Offerings and joint ventures

Realio provides investors fractional ownership of the legal entity that owns the Realio technology platform – this is fully tokenized.

The platform creates value for investors by affording a DeFi rail to real-world assets and via the provision of white label technology.

It’s also important to note the fact that Realio sources, vets and manages projects that will be tokenized and offered via the platform in order to make sure that there are the next gen opportunities for investors.

According to the official press release, Realio revealed a joint venture with Valentus Capital Management in order to build the digital issuance platform Valentus Digital.

They also revealed an up to $100mm tokenized fund that will be focused on low-cost Bitcoin mining via a next gen tech and a $10 mm fund administration engagement for a massive residential tower project that’s on 5th avenue in NYC.

The official notes reveal that there’s one notable traction that includes a pre-sale purchase of RST by Algorand. There are also some more partnerships worth mentioning with more layer 1 blockchain organizations.

Realio platform is live with various features

The platform uses the native currency RIO and it’s now live, and it has various exciting features. These include the following, according to official notes: “multi-currency (non-custodial) user wallets; a fiat on-ramp, integration with institutional custodian PrimeTrust; a KYC/AML and investor accreditation portal; and a peer-to-peer exchange graphical user interface.”

It’s been also reported that the Realio Issuance Network will launch in 2021 as an open-source tech and this will allow for a distributed and peer-to-peer network of issuers and investors.

The RST has been announced for the very first time back in March 2020 and the sale has been placed on hold due to the terrible effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic that took hold of the planet since last year.

“The Realio platform provides a truly unique opportunity to investors to gain access to real-world assets via tokenized mechanisms in the DeFi space and yield rewards via the network’s liquidity protocols,” according to Derek Boirun, CEO and Founder of Realio.

He continued and explained that the current hybrid STO is opening the door for various investors to take part in a vehicle that is scaling with the platform and network as well. This will offer people a massive chance to enjoy the utility benefits of the token.

One last but definitely not least thing worth noting is that the utility and payment coin RIO has been just listed on the important crypto exchange OKEx – this comes right after the prominent liquidity pool on Uniswap.




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