Recent reports suggest that an Ethereum altcoin focused on privacy could experience a significant increase in value.

According to crypto insights firm Santiment, Basic Attention Token (BAT), which is rewarded as a cryptocurrency for the Brave Browser, could see a boost due to recent social media activity.

Ethereum altcoin could see massive surge

Santiment has shared data indicating a surge in social dominance for the terms “BAT,” “browser,” and “brave.”

“BAT and Brave Browser have been trending, following a viral Reddit post with users debating the success or failure of the unique internet browser that offers rewards. The asset itself hasn’t gone outside the altcoin pack, but could get a bit of a boost.”

At the time of writing, BAT is trading at $0.207, having mostly traded sideways over the past week.

Santiment, the market research firm, has focused its attention on Litecoin (LTC), a peer-to-peer payments network, in anticipation of its upcoming halving event.

According to Santiment, Litecoin bulls have been accumulating coins at a rapid pace, as the number of addresses owning at least 100 LTC has increased.

The halving event on August 2nd has increased trader enthusiasm, leading to the creation of 1,185 more addresses that own at least 100 LTC in the past 24 weeks. Many anticipate this to be a bullish event.

Conic Finance facilitates trades

The cyber security firm Beosin has reported that the exploit has cost Conic Finance $3.26 million. In response to the attack, Conic Finance has ceased depositing funds into its Ethereum omnipool.

Around an hour later, Conic issued an update stating that the vulnerability has been rectified in such a way that it can never occur again.

The underlying reason for the problem was a re-entrancy attack that could be carried out due to an incorrect assumption about the address returned by the Curve Meta Registry for ETH in Curve V2 pools. A correction is being implemented in the affected contract.

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