A highly developed version of the Etherum Virtual Machine (EVM) offers an inter-compatible infrastructure that has been modified from the bitcoin core. Qtum has seen that this industry was built on the back of bitcoin and they have fully taken advantage of this fact. They have merged Bitcoins blockchain with legacy institutions to bring forth a new level of sophistication and interface.

The business end of smart contracts

Qtum has made it very easy for the less accomplished and established sectors to take full advantage of what the blockchain technologies are known for. With this new innovation gives you the ability to create your own tokens. In a standardized environment, you will be able to engage in self-executing agreements making your business more versatile and top of the technology sector. It evens offers an option to automate your supply chain management.

Influences of the smart contract lifecycle

They are certainly at the forefront of setting new industry standards. They are affiliated with a series of parties and third parties, this is why Qtum is working hard to establish a huge smart contract hub. One of the services that the hub will include is secure contract templates.

They are specifically fitted for a wide array of industries and use cases. They can all be used for social networking, supply chain management, and even telecommunications. This is just a drop in the ocean compared to what this blockchain will be capable of in the future.

Mobile Applications

They have built on the Bitcoins UTXO model, their (SPV) simple payment verification system is upheld by the Qtum codebase intentionally by default. You are thus now enabled to activate smart contracts from live wallets. This new tech can be easily installed on any smartphone. This has brought forth the age of smartphone decentralized applications. As we all know half of the world’s traffic originates from smartphones and tablets, with this blockchain it will take on disruption in all of its formats.

The Accounts Abstraction Layer in detail

An extension of the “Bitcoins Script languages” Qtum makes it function solely as a means to drive the code to Qtum’s equivalent of the EVM. It has become simple and secure to execute smart contracts and therefore be enabled to run decentralized applications.

In the past these environments were out of reach for the turning-complete blockchains, it stands to reason, that this has given infinite possibilities provided by smart contracts.

Overview of account the Abstraction layers

Sustainability has always been in question when it comes to the cryptocurrencies market. That is why Qtum has built on top of the reliable bitcoin blockchain. They stack their Account Abstraction Layer, this allows bitcoin core 0.13 blockchain to effortlessly interact with the (EVM).

For the most part, there has been a lot of hassles trying to implement smart contract solutions on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

You can even say that they have failed to get into the mainstream market. This is all due to the fact that blockchain employs an Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO). This is far easier to understand then the Ethereum model that is solely an account based model.

Given the advances that Qtum is making it would be foolish not to jump on the bandwagon. I know according to bitcoin standards this is still early days, but every big company has small beginnings.


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