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Rand Paul, US Senator: Bitcoin Could Be The World’s Reserve Currency

Bitcoin and crypto in general are seeing increased popularity. The latest important figure who talked about the subject is senator Rand Paul. Check out what he had to say below as quoted by Dan Held.

“Dan Held #Bitcoin could become the reserve currency of the world.” – Rand Paul, US Senator”

Someone said: “Rand Paul actually said Crypto not #bitcoin. I’ve started to question now whether or not cryptocurrency could actually become the reserve currency of the world as more and more people lose confidence in government,” Paul said in an interview on “Axios on HBO”.”

Another follower posted this: “It’s in the process of monetazation and becoming a money. Which will be very volatile as it’s discovering it’s value. The idea is that later on, after the end of s curve adoption it would be more possible to be a reserve asset.”

Crypto trader addresses Bitcoin

The veteran trader Tone Vays said that he is waiting for the best opportunity to buy Bitcoin amidst the bearih price actions that we are seeing these days.

In a new video, Vays said that Bitcoin will likely continue its downward trajectory and take out its psychological support at $30,000 unless bulls step up to the plate soon.

“We need to get back into this triangle sometime this month. Otherwise, this is the future. This is the path for Bitcoin. Hopefully it happens, say, next month and maybe it’ll end at around $23,000.”

Taking a look at the weekly chart, Vays says BTC looks “absolutely terrible” as Bitcoin flashes multiple bearish signals.

“We are in the process of forming a brand new weekly closing low, which is problematic. Potentially, this is going to be the second-lowest closing low in about a year, in over a year, and that’s not a good sign. That’s not a bullish sign…” he said.

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