Raoul Pal Addresses Tether Fears

Raoul Pal is currently addressing Tether fears on social media. Check out some of the tweets that he just dropped.

Someone said the following:

Pal also shared the following post.

You should check out the complete thread on Twitter in order to learn all that he had to say about the subject.

Someone said: “If tether implodes and people cannot withdraw USD they may be inclined to move value into BTC – The idea BTC goes down initially is not a given – could do the opposite”

One other follower posted this: “If people cannot sell BTC and withdraw USD, doesn’t that prevent others from wanting to get in. All those who are already in Crypto are in a prisoner’s dilemma essentially : they can’t sell as they fear btc might go up in price and if they sell, they might drive down the price.”

Stay tuned for more news.

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