Raoul Pal Raises Awareness On Asian Crypto Markets And Why Tether And Other Stablecoins Are So Big There

The crypto market has been looking great during the past few days, and there are various bullish movements for more cryptos.

The bullish predictions about the price of Bitcoin and more digital assets seem to continue – the momentum is still here.

Raoul Pal addressed recently the Asian crypto market and the fact that in Asia, Tether and other stablecoins are extremely important. Check out the tween he recently posted:

Someone commented: “Nothing about how the CCP has raided and regimented Chinese-crypto services in its borders or how there’s a certain way you have to talk crypto in China to avoid getting arrested… Sure China RNB is already digital, it’s just a totalitarian measurement that’s not new.”

Another Twitter follower dropped this message in the comments section: “The lack of barriers to entry, agile, young economies and the lack of competition from entrenched legacy interests will see the developing world leapfrog the developed in adoption. This is why the laser focus #cardano has on Africa & Eastern Europe will be incredible. $ADA.”

Check out the complete video that Pal posted in order to learn more details about what he was talking about.

The crypto bull run continues, says crypto trader Lark Davis

In other recent crypto news, earlier today, we revealed that the online publication the Daily Hodl notes that the popular crypto trader and analyst Lark Davis said that this year has a lot of surprises left for the crypto space.

Davis cited four significant upcoming events in the crypto space that he believes will trigger prices to continue on their bullish ascent.

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