Raoul Pal Talks About Bitcoin And Digital Asset Revolution

Raoul Pal talks about Bitcoin and the digital asset revolution on Twitter. He dropped a pretty interesting thread on these issues.

Check out some of his tweets below.

Raoul continued and said: “This makes it all the most exciting opportunity I have EVER seen. The metaverse, the internet of value, SoV, pristine collateral and an entirely new future is beyond BIG. It is the next and biggest part of the internet revolution, and its only just started.”

He also posted the following message: “It will have booms and busts. Projects will fail, and some will be worth hundreds of billions. But everything has changed. Keep your mind open.”

Bitcoin adoption is boosted

Bitcoin adoption continues following the boosts coming from Elon Musk and Tesla. Now, it’s been revealed that the Motley Fool purchased $5 million in Bitcoin, and they are expecting a massive return on the investment.

This is a really popular financial media outlet, and they said that they are adding BTC to the Discovery 10x campaign, which is focused on long-term investment opportunities that could increase 10x in value.

Alongside the 10x recommendations in the coming weeks, The Motley Fool will add $5 million in Bitcoin to the balance sheet.

The company highlighted three main reasons for its investment.

“We believe it will store value more effectively than gold over the long term. We believe it may become a medium for transactions as/if pricing stabilizes in the decade ahead. We believe it can act as a productive hedge against inflation.”

Stay tuned for more adoption-related news.

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