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Ray Dalio And Elon Musk Will Soon Invest In Bitcoin, Max Keiser Says

There have been all kinds of optimistic predictions about the price of Bitcoin these days, as the king coin is racing like crazy towards $30k.

It’s been recently revealed that Wall Street veteran and host of RT’s Keiser Report addressed his predictions about which big players will get into Bitcoin next.

Ray Dalio and Elon Musk to invest in BTC

In an interview with Daniela Cambone, Max Keiser explained that he believes billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio and Tesla CEO Elon Musk will invest in Bitcoin sooner than later.

He said that even though Dalio vocalized his concerns about the king coin, even he will be converting a massive chunk of his portfolio into BTC.

“Ray Dalio was a sceptic; now he’s kind of neutral. I think Ray Dalio will be putting 10-20% of his portfolio into Bitcoin in the next few months, particularly since his performance has been pretty bad for 2020, he needs to get back in the race here.”

He also had something to say about Elon Musk:

“The learning curve for Bitcoin, everyone is on it at their own speed. For me, I got it in 2011. Micheal Saylor looked at it in 2013. He didn’t understand it. It took him five or six years to really figure it out. Elon Musk is now looking at it, and because he’s a smart guy he’ll get ‘orange pilled’ as we call it, and he’ll understand what’s going on here and jump in,” he said as cited by the online publication the Daily Hodl. 

He also said “Saylor said to Elon Musk, ‘I will share my playbook with you.’ That was the key phrase. In other words, Saylor is talking to CEOs all over the world and telling them how he did it because he knows that if he gets 10, 20, 30, 40 more companies to do the same thing, that Bitcoin price is going to go where it needs to go a lot faster, so it’s in his own self-interest.”

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