Ripple is working hard these days, despite the global crisis that’s shaking the traditional finance and economies.

We’re saying this because even fiat money is seen as a potentially deadly weapon amidst the coronavirus pandemic because banknotes boost the transmission of COVID-19. That’s why more countries are having disinfection procedures for fiat money.

During these times, Bitcoin and crypto are seen as salvation, and even Coinbase’s CEO, Brian Armstrong, said that this is the crisis for which Bitcoin was created in the first place.

Ripple releases updates

UToday notes that Ripple’s community hell-raiser Tiffany Schwartz said that XRPL is really vulnerable to spam attacks. It seems that CTO David Schwartz comes up with an emergency plan.

Tiffany has been popular for being a passionate supporter of Ripple but it seems that she recently sold all of her XRP just like Charlie Lee did with his LTC, according to the online publication mentioned above.

She recently posted a tirade of disadvantages of XRPL and this made Ripple CTO come with an announcement:

Schwartz said: “The robustness improvement changes I suggested a few months ago will increase the safety margin significantly. This is about the XRPL’s ability to resist halting. The current design trades off robustness for safety, the reverse of what most blockchains do.”

People are curious when XRP will skyrocket, but they also want to know more about updates.

A Twitter user said: “Something is up. Spill the beans David, fact is Ripple is moving to slow. It is blatantly obvious when financial institutions responsible for publicizing corridors are constantly pressuring Ripple. This isn’t FUD, this is fact catching up to starry-eyed hype.”

Speaking of XRP’s price, at the moment of writing this article, XRP is trading in the red and the coin is priced at $0.172301.

As we already said, XRP seems to have found support at $0.17.

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