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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Addresses Bitcoin Maximalism

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse had an important statement about Bitcoin maximalism. Check out what he had to say below.

It’s been also revealed that during a new interview, Garlinghose said that tribalism among different crypto communities is hindering the industry’s efforts to lobby for accommodating policy in Washington.

Garlinghouse has a new interview with CNBC

In his brand new interview with CNBC, Garlinghouse says that he owns multiple cryptos, and expects all of them to rise together as the industry gains prominence.

“I own Bitcoin, I own Ether, I own some others. I am an absolute believer that this industry is going to continue to thrive… All boats can rise.”

The Ripple chief compares the crypto space to the rise of internet giants decades ago when many different companies serving separate use cases came out on top together.

“Yahoo could be successful and so could eBay… They’re solving different problems… There’s different use cases and different audiences and different markets. I think a lot of those parallels exist today.”

Garlinghouse also said that maximalists, or people who believe their preferred crypto should take over the entire industry, are creating a type of “fractured representation” when it comes to lobbying US lawmakers.

“The lack of coordination in Washington, D.C., amongst the crypto industry, I find to be shocking.”

Check out the original article posted by the Daily Hodl in order to learn more details about all this.

Ripple in the news

The US President Joe Biden nominated Michael Barr, a former Ripple advisor, to serve as Vice Chair for Supervision of the Federal Reserve.

According to the notes, during the Obama Administration, Barr worked as assistant secretary for financial institutions for the Treasury Department, according to a White House press release.

In 2015, Barr joined Ripple as an advisorBarr said back then the following:

“I’m excited to be joining the Advisory Board of Ripple Labs. Our global payments system is badly outdated.”

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