Ripple has been making headlines a lot this year and the company continues to make great efforts to boost the whole XRP ecosystem.

They are also pushing the mainstream adoption of XRP and this became one of the main goals that the San Francisco-based firm has set.

Another plan that Ripple has is to overcome the traditional payments system’s flaws.

Banks and financial institutions have been using SWIFT for decades now, but it became flawed and the need for innovation is here.

New tracking tool – Zerp Tracker

It’s been just revealed that Dev Null Productions which is a renowned provider of XRP data and messaging services, introduced the new tracking tool called Zerp Tracker.

This tool allows setting various filters to better monitor the market. The user can be notified by mail, SMS, alert message, or push message.

Here’s the official announcement posted on Twitter:

Official notes continue and explain, “With Zerp Tracker, you can setup expressions to hone in on exactly the type of activity that you are interested in, for example to monitor payments greater than 500 XRP (500M drops) use.”

Monitoring incoming and outgoing transactions

Also, it’s important to note that “For those who do not wish to setup expressions, Zerp Tracker includes library of pre-built patterns, parametrized for the easy specification of accounts to watch, order books to monitor & much more. Never has it been easier to derive value from the #XRPL.. straight to your inbox!”

Users’ accounted and third-party accounts can now be monitored for incoming and outgoing transactions and this is handy in case of fraudulent activities.

Also, it’s important to note the fact that Zerp Tracker is available free of charge for individuals and institutions as well.

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