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Ripple Plans To End XRP Lawsuit By September

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Ripple is planning to end the XRP lawsuit by September, according to the latest reports. Check out the plans that Ripple has revealed recently.

Ripple Labs wants to end its lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by September or October of 2022. This is what a closely followed crypto legal expert said.

The SEC sued Ripple back in December of 2020 on the allegation that XRP was sold as an unregistered security.

Jeremy Hogan said that an attorney known for covering the lawsuit, Ripple wants the case to reach a conclusion this year based on documents revealed to the public over the weekend.

“When will Ripple v. SEC case end? Ripple thinks it will end sometime between Aug. 26 and Nov. 18.”

He also said this:

“In its pending class action, Ripple agreed to move the case start back to Nov. 18 in belief that the SEC case will be finished before then. Of course, it can settle ANYTIME.”

He also said:

“It makes me feel more confident in my September summary judgment prediction. I think Ripple thinks it wins the SEC case in Sept/Oct and then this class action goes away due to ‘collateral estoppel.”

Ripple addresses Russia sanctions

Not too long ago, Ripple made headlines and revealed the following important issues about Russia sanctions.

Amidst the war that’s been going on in Eastern Europe, Russia is seeing all kinds of economic sanctions. Now, two important Ripple execs are addressing the fact that the Russians will not be able to use crypto in order to evade these. Check out the latest reports below.

The geopolitical situation is making some pretty significant moves in the crypto market these days, and these are worth discussing.

Make sure to check out the previous article in order to learn more interesting news about all this.

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